Why Secularism is a failed experiment in the Middle East 

Erdogan was right. Liberalism, secularism and the separation of church and the state was needed in Europe because before the renaissance, the Christian Europe was in darkness. Those who oppose the church would simply vanish, Read More

The Blood Stained Walls Of Al-Andalusia

Muslims ruled over Spain from 712 AD to 1492 AD for 780 years, yet today there are no Muslims in Spain though every aspect of Spanish life has a touch of Islam. Spanish language has many Arabic words, its music has an Arabic tone, its culture has more Arabic influence than the European, and proper nouns in Spanish often have the Arabic prefix “Al”. From 1492, when the last bastion of Muslim political strength Grenada fell, the Muslims of Spain were on the decline and its culmination took place after 120 years when the last batch of Muslim die-hards left Spain in 1612. From that year, Islam vanished from the Spanish horizons.
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Did The Arabs Really Revolted Against The Ottomans?

The British wanted to carve up the Muslim world, destroy forever its ability to rise up again. They devised a manufactured propoganda narrative, so that history would record that a nationalistic revolution against an an evil Islamic empire, had occurred, and that the British and French had simply aided that revolution – they were the friends of that revolution.
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Egypt: heading for region’s worst political crisis

Though Egypt is getting more chaotic if not bloodier by the day, it’s wrong in blaming the Muslim Brother or it’s supporters. The problem is ‘Egyptian’ itself. After decades of Military rule and aproximately six millenia of it’s autocratic rule Egyptians are not really prepared for democratic rule that was suddenly thrust on them literally over-night.

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Erdogan : A Sign of Emerging Islamic Renaissance

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Since AKP’s take over of Turkey, the country is in the middle of a Religious-Political bewildering. Although Turkey is ruled by Ottomans over centuries, the country is often referred to as the ‘Most Secular Nation’ in muslim world. It’s true, that when Mustafa Kemal, known as ‘Ataturk’ (Father of Turk) the father of modern Turkey, abolished the last Islamic Caliphate, he changed the country’s Islamic character, many pious and orthodox muslims were hunted down by the military, Mosques were closed, and Arabic script was replaced with the latin, which made 98% of the turks illiterate overnight.

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