Why Secularism is a failed experiment in the Middle East 

Erdogan was right. Liberalism, secularism and the separation of church and the state was needed in Europe because before the renaissance, the Christian Europe was in darkness. Those who oppose the church would simply vanish, Read More

Worst Medieval Christian Torture Devices and Methods

The newly civilised Europe has made the word Cruelty and inhuman synonymous to Islam through their propaganda. However if one take a look at their horrible past (until as recently as in the 1960s)  they shall know how least qualified the Europeans are to take lectures on cruelty and human rights or call other cultures barbaric and backward. While we are all aware of the 20th century headhunters of Sarawak, Breast ripping, burning at the stake in Medieval Christian Europe are little known or whitewashed. So I have listed down the top 10 such torture methods European churches employed (and their people endorsed) to punish people.
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