How the West came to dominate the World. 

In the 15th century, Christian Europeans began making oceanic voyages of discovery. Very quickly, these voyages led to the outright economic, political and religious domination of the globe. This domination lies at the heart of the problems the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia facing today. Continue reading “How the West came to dominate the World. “

Unheard Voices From The Other Malalas

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Had Snowden and Manning exposed the atrocities of Taliban, Had Snowden and manning striped naked and insult Islam and Muslims, they would have been standing in the stages of UN or else the US with their loyal allies would have been presenting them medals and award.

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What You Don’t Know About Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, USA and Afghanistan

By : Latheef Farook

It is common knowledge that Al Qaeda and Taliban were American creations to implement its military agenda in the region. In the aftermath of the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, there emerged numerous resistance groups called mujahedeen to liberate their country. Amongst them was Al Qaeda established by Osama bin Laden who hails from a wealthy Saudi family and gave up all his wealth and comforts to liberate Afghanistan.

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