How the West came to dominate the World. 

In the 15th century, Christian Europeans began making oceanic voyages of discovery. Very quickly, these voyages led to the outright economic, political and religious domination of the globe. This domination lies at the heart of the problems the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia facing today. Continue reading “How the West came to dominate the World. “

The Supreme Muslim Tolerance 

Here are just a few examples of exceptional Muslim tolerance:In

What happened to muslims living in non-muslim countries?
Communist Russia they were forcibly marched into the gulags of Siberia. In Eastern Europe it was the genocide of Bosnia and Srebrenica that awaited them. In Palestine, it is 60 years and counting of occupation, humiliation and imprisonment. In Spain, it was total annihilation, such that not one man was left to call the adhan.
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A Thousand Years Can Change A lot of Things


‘Do not go extremes in religious matters, for you will not be able to continue in that way’
– Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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The Islamic empires that gave Europe its Renaissance

It is quite rare these days to hear anything good about Muslims from the Anglo-American news media. There are, however, some exceptions in the West and Dr. Richard Bulliet, Professor of History Columbia University, New York is one of them. Continue reading “The Islamic empires that gave Europe its Renaissance”

Questioning The Arab Autocrats and Their People

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Please take a moment and see the Palestinian crisis in a broader context and identify the real orchestrators behind it.

1. Who helped the British and Zionists to topple the Ottoman empire and divide the Middle east to bits and pieces, Who willingly gave the land of Al-Quds (Palestine) to the British?

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The day Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekkha Were Mercilessly Slaughtered.

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Sri Lanka was once known as the exotic resort of the Indian ocean and known to many European tourists as the ‘Nation of Smilling people’. However the recent incident that took place in Aluthgama and Beruwala (engineered by the government backed yellow goons) gave this nation more scarier monikers and more bloodier epithets.

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Muslims Are An Integral Part of Sri Lankan Fabric

By : Pearl Thevanayagam


If Tamils are portrayed as the oppressed minority think again. When I came to Sri Lanka on holiday from UK in 1981, I went to Wanni District with my mother to visit the Holy shrine of Madhu Matha, the miraculous Virgin Mary who is revered by all irrespective of religion in Sri Lanka.

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