Muslims in Post-Apartheid South Africa; A Model of Integration?

By: Goolam Vahed

University of KwaZulu-Natal Associate Professor Goolam Vahed provides us with perspectives on the integration experience of South African Muslims and the diversity that characterises the Muslim community.

Islam is a minority religion in South Africa. Numbering around one million, Muslims make up less than 2 per cent of the population of 52 million. Around 90 percent of Muslims are termed “Indian” and “Malay” Muslims.
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Rotten Apples That Are Corrupting Our Society

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

“One rotten Apple spoils the whole barrel” goes saying. in our modern society there are seven such apples that are corrupting our very basis of the society and the good morals that the holy Quran teaches. these bad apples were introduced in different countries, but their corrupting ideologies have gradually spread around the world. What are they and how have these ideas spread poisonous effects to the life of so many?

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The day Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekkha Were Mercilessly Slaughtered.

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Sri Lanka was once known as the exotic resort of the Indian ocean and known to many European tourists as the ‘Nation of Smilling people’. However the recent incident that took place in Aluthgama and Beruwala (engineered by the government backed yellow goons) gave this nation more scarier monikers and more bloodier epithets.

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How To Save Education In Sri Lanka

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan


Education is the gateway to the future and has become an integral part of our society and the global village in total. From Neem tree schools it has expanded to high tech institutes and unioversities. However the universalisation and capitalisation of education began in the last phase of the 20th century litterally ruined the quality of education in total. It has produced a series of nerds that memorise books rather than authentic thinkers and creative people. This sums up why have not produced any Einsteins, Teslas, Avicenas etc in the so called “Advanced 21st Century AD”.

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Muslims Are An Integral Part of Sri Lankan Fabric

By : Pearl Thevanayagam


If Tamils are portrayed as the oppressed minority think again. When I came to Sri Lanka on holiday from UK in 1981, I went to Wanni District with my mother to visit the Holy shrine of Madhu Matha, the miraculous Virgin Mary who is revered by all irrespective of religion in Sri Lanka.

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Horror and Fake Heroism: 5 Years After the Lahore attack on the Sri Lanka national cricket team


A decade back when the Australian team refused to tour Sri Lanka due to the unstable situation in the country, and the South African team cut their tour short after a bomb blast in Colombo, the blind patriots and cricket pundits in the country started taking pot shots at the Australians and the South Africans. To them, bomb blasts and violence was as natural as the plain tea and rice they had everyday. If you happened to die from a bomb blast, it was due to fate and something beyond your control. And God have mercy on the country or individual who said that Sri Lanka was not a safe country. The wrath of the majority would be turned against that country or individual. (Still now after the end of bloody war, The political scene of the country is changing its trend from Democracy to Autocratic oligarchy. Anyone who speaks against the government will simply vanish)

Even after ICC had done a threat assessment and decided that it was not safe for any cricket team to travel to Pakistan; and even after the Mini World Cup had been cancelled in Pakistan by the ICC after another threat assessment had been done, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board and the Sri Lankan Government decided to tour Pakistan. The result was the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricketers, and if not for a brave Pakistani driver, there might have been a bigger disaster than what took place.

Though South Africans and the Australians along with Shane Warne who were vilified in the government press a few years ago, they failed to criticise the recklessness of the Pakistani government and the PCB.

There were probably two reasons that the SL Cricket Board and the Sri Lankan Government agreed to tour Pakistan and tolerated this issue. In the case of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board it was for monetary reasons, and in the case of the Sri Lankan Government, it was to thank the Pakistani Government for selling them arms to fight the terrorism. Sri Lanka poured millions of dollars on the Pakistanian weapon market and  Sri Lankan Airforce K-Fir fighter jets were maanned by Pakistanian airforce officers. It’s therefore obvious that the Sri Lanka Cricket Board was only thinking of filling its empty coffers, and the Sri Lankan Government was willing to put its cricketers at risk to curry favour with the Pakistani’s.

What nobody knows is whether the attack on the innocent Sri Lankan cricketers by an unidentified group, could have been a ‘proxy attack’ on behalf of the LTTE or the Government of India. In the case of the LTTE it could have been in revenge for shelling and multi barrel rocket attacks by the Pakistanian-Sri Lankan Government, and in the case of India, it could be in revenge for the Mumbai attacks. This is mere speculation, but anything is possible in this hypocritical world we live in today.

One good thing that may come out of the attack is that in future if countries like Australia, South Africa, England or New Zealand decide to cancel a tour due to security reasons, countries like Sri Lanka will think twice before trying to vilify those countries. People in the above mentioned countries value the lives of their citizens more than in countries like Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. If such an attack, which occurred against the Sri Lankan cricket team, happened to any of the teams of the above- mentioned countries, heads would have rolled and people responsible for organising the tour would have voluntarily resigned. But in Sri Lanka, its business as usual with bribery, corruption and kickbacks from arms deals going full speed ahead.

If there was money to be made, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board would organise a tour to even the North Pole, and the Sri Lankan Government would send the cricket team to Somalia or Central African republic or Uganda if those countries were willing to sell them arms and ammunition.

As long as India does not stop it’s oppression against the Kashmir population, and as long as various terrorist and proxy-terrorist groups operate in Pakistan, there is going to be security threats to all cricket teams that tour these countries. Even after half a decade the Pakistanian government has failed to bring the culprits to justice. For this ICC should not lift the ban against Pakistan and future cricket tours should probably take place in neutral venues like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. its better to be safe than sorry.

Our North Korean future : Sri Lanka Whither Goest Thou?

North Korea’s government follows the Juche ideology of self-reliance, developed by the country’s former President, Kim Il-sung. After his death, Kim Il-sung was declared to be the country’s Eternal President. After Il-Sung, his son King jong Il came to power, now his son Kim Jong Un rules the country. This reminds me a famous saying among Sri Lankan state media :

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