The Supreme Muslim Tolerance 

Here are just a few examples of exceptional Muslim tolerance:In

What happened to muslims living in non-muslim countries?
Communist Russia they were forcibly marched into the gulags of Siberia. In Eastern Europe it was the genocide of Bosnia and Srebrenica that awaited them. In Palestine, it is 60 years and counting of occupation, humiliation and imprisonment. In Spain, it was total annihilation, such that not one man was left to call the adhan.
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Muslims in Post-Apartheid South Africa; A Model of Integration?

By: Goolam Vahed

University of KwaZulu-Natal Associate Professor Goolam Vahed provides us with perspectives on the integration experience of South African Muslims and the diversity that characterises the Muslim community.

Islam is a minority religion in South Africa. Numbering around one million, Muslims make up less than 2 per cent of the population of 52 million. Around 90 percent of Muslims are termed “Indian” and “Malay” Muslims.
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Prove them they’re flawed men……

The only way to fight racism is to make racists understand, that they are not superior. 
There is no easy way to do this. Its painful for all parties, those administering the Truth and those receiving it. Yet by brutally showing people the horrific side of their own culture and history – one they have never been taught about, one the elites have whitewashed, in order to create a sense of superiority, they finally see what we see – something flawed, ugly. Something they thought only we were capable of being.  
And though this shock, they have a chance to break free from the lies they were told when growing up, and finally see themselves as all of us really are – flawed men, who are told to hate or kill each other for the benefit of those who want to control us.

The Islamic empires that gave Europe its Renaissance

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Muslims Are An Integral Part of Sri Lankan Fabric

By : Pearl Thevanayagam


If Tamils are portrayed as the oppressed minority think again. When I came to Sri Lanka on holiday from UK in 1981, I went to Wanni District with my mother to visit the Holy shrine of Madhu Matha, the miraculous Virgin Mary who is revered by all irrespective of religion in Sri Lanka.

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The Container and the Contents – The Holy Quran and its message


I have come across lots of articles in the newspaper about incidents where some Atheists and American youth burning down Qurans, making films and comics that insults the great prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which triggered many muslims to act violently sometimes causing deaths. However, Neither Islam nor its messenger advocated violence. So so much so that prophet himself was attacked and ridiculed by his own people but he never took violence as a weapon to defend his honour. He knew the difference between the “CONTAINER” and the “CONTENTS”.

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Portuguese Tyranny In South Asia

A 16th century AD painting of a Moorish warrior with a 'Kunhali Sword' (Derived from the Zamorin naval cheif of Calicut, Kunhali Marikkar). An unique Zamorin-Arab sword type used by the Moors during their resistance against the Portuguese.

After the tyranical rule of 153 years, Portuguese left Sri Lanka in 1658 with humiliation. However the Portoguese influences is still manifested in Sri Lankan day to day life. The portuguese rule saw rapid absorption of many Portuguese words into the local Sinhala language language brought about by the interaction between Portuguese colonials and the Sinhalese people, mainly in the coastal areas of the island. A wide variety of words were adopted from administrative terms to military terms, which reveals several points of contact between the two groups. Even today more than 92% of the Sri Lankan Sinhala community has Portuguese Surnames such as ‘Fernando, Fernandez, Perera, Jacquiline, Fonseka, D’Souza, Silva, De Silva, Alfonso, Costa, Santos, Almeida, Gomez, Mendez, Corea, Guerera, Don, Alice, Rita, Dona, Catarina, Rodrigo, Rosa, Anton, Nelson, Marino etc.

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