The Supreme Muslim Tolerance 

Here are just a few examples of exceptional Muslim tolerance:In

What happened to muslims living in non-muslim countries?
Communist Russia they were forcibly marched into the gulags of Siberia. In Eastern Europe it was the genocide of Bosnia and Srebrenica that awaited them. In Palestine, it is 60 years and counting of occupation, humiliation and imprisonment. In Spain, it was total annihilation, such that not one man was left to call the adhan.
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A Thousand Years Can Change A lot of Things


‘Do not go extremes in religious matters, for you will not be able to continue in that way’
– Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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The Islamic empires that gave Europe its Renaissance

It is quite rare these days to hear anything good about Muslims from the Anglo-American news media. There are, however, some exceptions in the West and Dr. Richard Bulliet, Professor of History Columbia University, New York is one of them. Continue reading “The Islamic empires that gave Europe its Renaissance”

The Origins and Affinities of Arabs

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan


Although it is generally assumed that all Arabs are descendant from Ishmael the Son of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) and lady Hajar (peace be upon him) , it is more likely, as born out by Arab genealogical tradition, that it is only a portion of them,viz. the Nothern and Southern Gulf Arabs, found largely in the and Najd who are descended from this personage. The Leavanite Arabs (Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians etc) seem to derive from an altogether different lineage.
Arabian genealogy has traditionally categorised the Arabs into two distinct groups;

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Questioning The Arab Autocrats and Their People

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Please take a moment and see the Palestinian crisis in a broader context and identify the real orchestrators behind it.

1. Who helped the British and Zionists to topple the Ottoman empire and divide the Middle east to bits and pieces, Who willingly gave the land of Al-Quds (Palestine) to the British?

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Portuguese Tyranny In South Asia

A 16th century AD painting of a Moorish warrior with a 'Kunhali Sword' (Derived from the Zamorin naval cheif of Calicut, Kunhali Marikkar). An unique Zamorin-Arab sword type used by the Moors during their resistance against the Portuguese.

After the tyranical rule of 153 years, Portuguese left Sri Lanka in 1658 with humiliation. However the Portoguese influences is still manifested in Sri Lankan day to day life. The portuguese rule saw rapid absorption of many Portuguese words into the local Sinhala language language brought about by the interaction between Portuguese colonials and the Sinhalese people, mainly in the coastal areas of the island. A wide variety of words were adopted from administrative terms to military terms, which reveals several points of contact between the two groups. Even today more than 92% of the Sri Lankan Sinhala community has Portuguese Surnames such as ‘Fernando, Fernandez, Perera, Jacquiline, Fonseka, D’Souza, Silva, De Silva, Alfonso, Costa, Santos, Almeida, Gomez, Mendez, Corea, Guerera, Don, Alice, Rita, Dona, Catarina, Rodrigo, Rosa, Anton, Nelson, Marino etc.

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Oh Leaders of The Muslim Realm, Whither Goest Thou?

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

‘The leader leads, and the captain drives’ says a Wiseman. At times, I feel that, in today’s world, we need more ‘Leaders’ than ever before. Because we have many captains, but leaders? very few. look around the lands of Muslims and Arabs and you will find that ‘skepticism’, ‘despondency’, ‘anathema’ are working hard to take over our reins, created and maintained by the British few decades ago, for their own survival.

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