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Why Does Europe Hate Erdogan?

Translated from Aljazeera Recent years have revealed the Western perspective, especially Europe’s perspective, on Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s leadership of Turkey as well as the European vision of Turkey itself. The West has been intensely hostile towards Erdogan personally and even … Continue reading

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Mr. Manners : Lessons from the South African star cricketer Hashim Amla

Islam is concerned with man’s well-being in both body and soul. Hence it encourages all kinds of sports which strengthen the body and maintain good health as well as provide relaxation and leisure, such as swimming, archery, horse-riding, sword-fighting and … Continue reading

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Oh Leaders of The Muslim Realm, Whither Goest Thou?

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan ‘The leader leads, and the captain drives’ says a Wiseman. At times, I feel that, in today’s world, we need more ‘Leaders’ than ever before. Because we have many captains, but leaders? very few. look … Continue reading

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