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Syrian war for dummies – Who’s fighting Who. 

By: Mohammed Jehan Kha  I came across this meme which possibly should be a creation of a Facebook intellectual or a Putin fanboy. It says the Syrian war began with Assad dropping down the dollar. I was trying to figure … Continue reading

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White Privilege that nurtures Israeli apartheid. 

White privilege is when 136 (70.5%) of the 193 member states of the United Nations and two non-member states have recognised the State of Palestine, but US and it’s Euro-Australian cronies (in other words White countries) do not so as … Continue reading

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Infographics : Israel’s so called ‘Tough Neighbours’

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Understanding Syria’s rebel groups – Who’s who?

Originally made up of citizen volunteers who took up arms against their government and called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the anti-government military formations in Syria have mushroomed into several hundred groupings numbering a few dozen to over 10,000-35,000 fighters.

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How Saudis Crush(ed) Democracy in Algeria, Gaza and Egypt

By: Latheef Farook Muslims worldwide were shocked and deeply frustrated at the role played by Saudi regime in plotting to overthrow President Muhammad Morsi’s elected government. However this is not something new as  Saudi regime was responsible for crushing democracy … Continue reading

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Raping and Gang Raping Indian Muslim Women – Indians turned blind

Rape has been common occurrence in India. Since independence no government took any notice, leave alone any substantial step, to deal with this burning issue. Over the years rape has become accepted norm in the society that there are around … Continue reading

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A Soil That Nurtured the Islamic State

By : Sandra Bloodworth When I sat with my dying father almost ten years ago, he raged about the destruction of the historic Iraqi city of Fallujah by US troops. Their atrocities had left an ancient city in ruins and … Continue reading

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