Why Secularism is a failed experiment in the Middle East 

Erdogan was right. Liberalism, secularism and the separation of church and the state was needed in Europe because before the renaissance, the Christian Europe was in darkness. Those who oppose the church would simply vanish, science was banned (Galelio and Copernicus were thrown in jails), the pope was the supreme leader, the society was segmented, elites who hide behind Catholicism were allowed to enjoy everything in life while the peasant were oppressed. Religion played a major role in European social casteism. So this had to be defeated, they then dismantled religion from politics. However the situation in Muslim World in the medieval times was so different. A black man had the same right as the white as it is the universal message of Islam (that every man’s the same in God’s eyes). Before nepotism took hold in Arabia and Cebtral Asia, the caliph was appointed by the majority will of the people (The Rashidun Caliphate for example), science played a major role (Thank us for Algebra and other invention that shaped the whole world), mosques were centres of learning, so in the Middle Eastern societies, religion was revered. There was no need of such a separation. Just as secularism came to liberate Europeans from oppression, Islam came to liberate the Arab society. Because at the time of the Prophet’s call to Messengership, Arab society was devoid of proper distribution of wealth and devoid of justice. A small group monopolised all wealth and commerce, which increased through usury. The great majority of the people were poor and hungry. Those who challenge the primitive Arab customs would simply end up in their graves. The wealthy were also regarded as noble and distinguished, and the common people were not only deprived of wealth but also of dignity and honour, the situation was overall similar to that of Christian Europe.

Just as the Europeans find it ridiculous not to eat pork and booze, we find it equally ridiculous when they shove their system of rule into our throats. Simple as that. 


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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