The Blood Stained Walls Of Al-Andalusia

Muslims ruled over Spain from 712 AD to 1492 AD for 780 years, yet today there are no Muslims in Spain though every aspect of Spanish life has a touch of Islam. Spanish language has many Arabic words, its music has an Arabic tone, its culture has more Arabic influence than the European, and proper nouns in Spanish often have the Arabic prefix “Al”. From 1492, when the last bastion of Muslim political strength Grenada fell, the Muslims of Spain were on the decline and its culmination took place after 120 years when the last batch of Muslim die-hards left Spain in 1612. From that year, Islam vanished from the Spanish horizons.

A particular noteworthy point is that during this period of Islamic decline from Spain and when the persecution of muslims in Spain was underway, the entire civilised world was ruled by Muslims. The Ottoman Turks had conquered Constantinople in 1453, and were ruling the entire Balkan Peninsula, Egypt was ruled by the powerful Mamiukes, Persia was at its political pinnacle under the Abbasi rulers, and India was ruled by the Mughals, the first empire to use rockets and cannons. Still Islam vanished from Spain and muslims were massacred and none of these great Muslim armies did anything to protect the Muslims of Spain.

Immediately after the fall of Grenada many of the original Muslims to save their lives (not property, as they were not permitted to carry their wealth) left Spain to Tunisia and Morocco, some even sailed far to Latin American nations; many died on their journey by the attacking Christian hordes. Rest of the Muslims who opted to live in Spain itself were subsequently branded ‘foreigners” and destroyers of Spain. The other category of Muslims viz. the descendants of Muslim fathers and Christian mothers and converts from Christianity opted to live in Spain believing in the declaration of King Ferdinand that complete religious freedom would be guaranteed.

The attacks by Christian on their lives and property during the earlier years was pardoned as a temporary phenomenon. Arabic language was removed from administration, Christian women who at the time wore headscarves were forced to remove them as the authorities found it imitating the muslim faith, schools attached to mosques were debarred from teaching academic and secular subjects like science, history, mathematics and philosophy. Only religious teaching could be imparted, Lessons in history were faked by which the Muslim rule was dubbed as barbaric. Contribution of Muslims to the development of Spain was avoided, Muslim houses were made objects of constant searching on allegations of arms hoarding and secret meetings, Muslims were projected as enemies of Christians and destroyers of Spain.

Christian converts were persuaded to reconvert to Christianity on the ground that their ancestors were forced to become Muslims and as there is no more coercion, they should revert to Christianity. Muslims who were from Muslim-Christian parentage were branded as bastards and ridiculed and persuaded to revert to Christianity. Marriages performed in the Islamic manner were directed to be registered with the judicial officers. Islamic law was declared illegal.

Thus Muslims in Spain were made objects of ridicule, condemnation and continuous attack. Burning of Muslim houses and shops was encouraged to destroy their economy. Mock ceremonies of reconversion of Muslims to Christianity were held and publicised.

The first two generation of Spanish Muslims adopted passive methods to save their religion by teaching Arabic to their children at home and mosques, and telling them orally about the realities but gradually they lost the zeal. When marriages were ordered to be celebrated only through Govternment agencies, Muslims in early stages performed dual marriages – one with the Government authorities and again privately in their homes in the Islamic manner. Gradually the second ceremony was given up as even such a private ceremony was banned.

During this period, Muslim masses gradually fell out of the grips of the Muslim leadership and Muslim elites started flocking to Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt where they were received with sympathy. Poor Muslim masses were left uncared for and the Crusade still continues.

Islam has always been protected by the Muslim masses and not by the elite classes. Rich Muslims, who are not even 5% of the Muslim population (with minor exceptions) are joining the upper caste exploiters.

Remember if Islam has to be saved, Muslims have to be saved.


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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