Did The Arabs Really Revolted Against The Ottomans?

The British wanted to carve up the Muslim world, destroy forever its ability to rise up again. They devised a manufactured propoganda narrative, so that history would record that a nationalistic revolution against an an evil Islamic empire, had occurred, and that the British and French had simply aided that revolution – they were the friends of that revolution.

It was in this manufactured narrative – a war for freedom. And at first they set about trying to get the Arabs to revolt, what they quickly realised was that nationalism was alien to the Arabs, they didn’t understand it. Not only that, they didn’t hate the Ottomans enough to fight them. Ottoman rule was so decentralised that Arabs actually ruled themselves anyway.
To cover their plan, (known as “Sykes-Picot”) a plan to overthrow and break up the Muslim world and establish nation states by force they needed history to record a lie. They did not want future generations of Muslims to think, outsiders had created the nations – but it was fought for, for by their own forefathers.

In this way, the nation states would appear to be what the Arabs wanted all along – to all future generations. They would not need dictators to keep the order – because arabs would be fooled into believing it was the will of the people.
And since nationalism was what they believed they had fought for, they would thus cling, fight and die for it. It was genius. Arabs would fight and die for an order the West had created for them and never know it.
The British did succeed in a very limited way, two or three tribes (from what is now Saudi Arabia) were paid in Gold to fight the Ottomans, they were so few in number that the British and French emptied jails and paid the convicts to fight with these tribes against the Ottomans. Laurence of Arabia then was a liar, his accomplishments were pathetic and he was a failure in most regards – but needing a hero, the British pushed his version of him leading the Arabs into history.
Not a single Arab Ottoman army division deserted, which shows how large a failure the British and French plan was. The Arabs thus did not fight or want to fight the Ottomans. This was a LIE.
The propoganda that was meant to fool the Muslim world forever was so well thought out that after they had defeated Iraq or Syria they had arabs march in, photographing it as if the arabs had ‘liberated’ the city.
Thats how much detail they planned propoganda a 100 years ago, imagine what it they do today!
The lie fell apart only because the Russian aristocracy was overthrown in a bloody ‘revolution’. And the new regime published the secret pact and communication that revealed the Sykes-Plan had been agreed by the world powers – the division and creation of arab states then was a foreign plan – and arab nationalism had nothing to do with it.

Muslim leaders would tell millions of Muslims, including me, that even the Palestinians revolted against the Ottomans and thus were being punished – actually supporting the colonial lie and laying the blame on Palestinians of all people! What idiots and what an idiot I was for believing it!
Today sadly due to illiterate Muslim scholarship, we still believe that the Arabs revolted against the Ottomans, continuing the lie the British and French had created. 
That is how ignorant we as Muslims are – of course our own history is not that important to our scholars, only that we have long beards, short trousers and go into the toilet with the correct foot.

But for those who do think that we cannot allow those who hate us to manufacture a history for us – please make sure you know the Truth.
Thank God for non Muslim scholars who have unearthed and published the Truth about the event.
Source : A peace to end all peace by David Fromkin 

Thanks to Asghar Bukhari


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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