A Thousand Years Can Change A lot of Things


‘Do not go extremes in religious matters, for you will not be able to continue in that way’
– Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Muslims, once pioneer of knowledge-based advanced civilization lasting for 12 centuries – the longest period in human history, are the victims of religious fanaticism and delusional oil-pumping economic prosperity imported as marriage of convenience forged between the tribal Muslim rulers and the Western industrialised world – more so, the USA and Britain. For around 1300 years the Arabian peninsular, Persia and India were ruled Muslims, and known to the world as “Temporal and spiritual head”. At its height the Muslim world ruled the world affairs,  science and technology metamorphosed and People lived peacefully. This lifestyle continued abruptly until the Western Imperialism knocked the doors of the region bringing up a great misfortune to its people and the land. series of wars fought, the region was then sandwiched between western allies and nuetral forces during the WWI and WWII. By 1930s western mining cooperations discovered oil in the middle east. Many thought it could be a renaissance of the middle east however it turned out to be its own wrath, inviting bloodthirsty hyenas to play politics and plot against its own people. Israel was created to maintain this imbalance in the region. Coups and political overthrowing became the orders of the day, arbitrary borders were drawn to divide the people and Arab authoritarian leaders groomed by the colonial masters. Today the Arabian Peninsular is fast becoming a ghost landscape of anarchy and a burden on human conscience.

Arab spring once thought the renaissance of the region is now a pile of junk. The continuing daily bloodbaths, chemical warfare and street battles conform to the planned scheme of things set for ultimate destruction of the Arab world. Muslim rulers have no sense of time and history how insane egoism and foreign myths have brought downfall of the so many sadistic rulers in the past. The Muslim world appears to undermine its own destiny and future.


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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