Facebook and freedom of Speech


A couple of months ago, I got a message that one of my cartoons, with the caption ‘Pelting Stones At Heavily Armed Tank = Terrorism, Dropping Bombs On Civilians = Self Defence’, was removed from facebook, I actually suspected it was the graphic image – a photo of an injured Palestinian boy. maybe it was too much for some people. But last week, I couldn’t get into my Facebook account, and I saw that another one of my cartoons, a meme and a SomeECard Israel parody were also removed. I was also warned by Facebook that further flagging of my work would lead to the removal of my page. And my account was ‘Permanently’ disabled from facebook. 

When they removed a  work, titled ‘Why Is Israel The Only Government We are Not Allowed to Criticise’, last week, I understood that there was something systematic here, and that I have to take care of it. I appealed for a reevaluation, but the reply was that the department that dealing with my problem is on leave until March 6th. As you’re well aware that our images are not inciting to violence, extremely graphic or pornographic like the one Steve Reinchert has shared on his page.

So much for free speech and equal rights for everyone in this world. Have you experienced censorship on Facebook? Let us know.


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

1 thought on “Facebook and freedom of Speech”

  1. Yeah, for some strange reason we Europeans and Americans who claim to fight for absolutely free speech – especially when it comes to drawings of Muhammad – we are obviously ‘a bit’ more sensitive about our own ‘friends’. Don’t quite know if Israel is anybody’s friend but their own, but a lot of ppl seem to think so. – These days I feel mostly like the whole world has gone completely deranged and I can just watch it happen, maybe comfort a bit here and there, give some money….. It’s about Israel-Palestine, about ISIS, about Republicans in USA who shouldn’t be allowed walk around freely, about nobody trying to help IN Africa, IN The Middle East, so everybody is moving towards Europe where the system collapses.
    Why don’t we (Europe and USA) really force Assad, Netanyahu, don’t remember all: Egypt, Iraq, Russia to stop killing their own ppl!! – I can’t believe I’m writing this! What kinds of ppl are they?!?! – You will rather exhibit your country as a cemetary with craters and dead bodies all over than a flourishing state with happy, live ppl and children playing?! – I just can’t relate to that attitude AT ALL!!!
    After next Big Bang I certainly hope God is wise enough to not give us a brain!


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