Arab Fantasy : Building Skylines on Moving sand does not facilitate Human progress


I am not pre-occupied or astounded or consternated by the growth of Desert Bedouins or those tall structures they have built around their countries, for I know that is not something that they have earned themselves. Arab sheikhs and their leeches sympathisers and common folks (i.e South Asian expats) live in a fantasy bubble being floated by the transitory oil revenues, controlled and managed by the Western nations. They do not know building palaces on moving sand does not facilitate human progress. Oil revenues are not the outcome of Arab’s hardwork but a planned scheme of things carried out for several generations to distract from the real problems. Around 96% of the business establishment in middle east is controlled by both Brits and American, Arabs own none but few barrels of oil. The West views them as source of entertainment and one track business deals to sell the obsolete weapons and consumer products but not valuable partners in global community, just like they value Chinese, Japanese and Singaporeans. So-called liberal economic developement had no listing of Arabs as suitable creatures for progressive role-play in international community.

The developement in the middle east region is very much different from the developement of China, Malaysia and Turkey. Despite of the oil generated paper wealth and transitory economic prosperity, Arabs indeed are poorly literate. New stats show one in every four Arab is illiterate. So how do you think these illiterate horde can facilitate the path of their region’s developement? Americans and Brits have taken control over middle east to suck oil, destroying the creativity of Arabs; leaving Arabs in darkness forever, destroying Arab culture and civilisation with delusional prosperity instead of poverty.

America and Britain are sheltering their role-play with increased militarisation of the Arab world. All major public institutions in the Arab world are dominated by the Western thinking and agents of influence. The tragedy of Arab authoritarianism and economic militarisation of the oil producing Arab nations is more complex and full of individualistic horrors, societal complacency and political blunders.

In a peak oil stage, the prosperity oil bubble in Middle east is fast diminishing and the illusion of borrowed happiness and good time is already in ruins.


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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