The Crocodile Tears of The Complicit : What really Happened in Ukraine.

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

The ongoing Crimean crisis involving Russia and Ukraine, and centered on the peninsula of Crimea has become a centre for dispute. While the US based media coverage on Crimea has reached epic proportions of bias and despicable hypocrisy, the real situation is poles apart from the media coverage.

The crisis unfolded in November 2013, Last November. President Yanukovych was expected to sign a landmark agreement with the European Union that would have resulted in a free trade deal between them. .However president refused to sign the agreement. That’s when Yanukovych walked away from the deal with the EU. after a series of events starting when the state members of the EU led by the United States and its NATO partners, instigated a violent coup, through the fomentation and manipulation of a disillusioned minority. Pro european-US imperialist citizens in Ukraine began protesting in Kiev’s Independence Square. Police raided the event and arrested more than 30 people, spurring even larger demonstrations that brought 100,000 people to Kiev from outside the region.

On the otherhand, Putin came to an agreement with the Ukraine for an economic aid with a $15 billion loan for the Ukraine’s struggling economy. An Obama administration official, Victoria Nuland who made international headlines recently, has had a number of Ukrainian government officials in mind that would manage the Ukrainian government in accordance to Washington and Brussels demands. The US State Department and non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) funded by Washington and the EU planned regime change. That would pose a clear danger to Russia’s backyard. It would allow Washington to establish a military base in the Ukraine just like they did in Kosovo, part of the former Yugoslavia that had close ties to Serbia. Serbia was destroyed by NATO under Washington’s orders. Then Camp Bondsteel was built for the US Army and it is used today as a headquarters for NATO forces on Russia’s door step.

Immediately after the protest, EU foreign ministers held an emergency meeting in Brussels where they agreed to move ahead with their usual threatning sanctions on countries that oppose their imperialism,which includes visa bans on those who backed the president, and a freeze on their assets. The foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland brokered Friday’s agreement after meeting with both sides. And the German and French ministers witnessed the deal being signed. The US. put visa travel bans on 20 Ukrainians Wednesday. And on Friday, the White House said the deal was consistent with what the U.S. was advocating.

The Ukraine would not benefit if they joined the EU as they would most likely experience an even worst economic situation. Just look at what happened to Greece, Spain, Portugal and other EU member states facing severe austerity measures.

In some countries within the EU, there is 40% youth unemployment rates (worst than those in a third world country), rising crime rates, a declining health care system and underfunded education systems. So why would the Ukrainian people want to join the EU in the first place? With all these ills within the EU, why on earth they are so concerned on another country’s economy?

The opposition and the protesters are now doubt funded and paid for by the West to impose an imperialistic new government that is Western friendly oligarchy, so that US and EU banks and corporations can monopolise on land, businesses and other assets of the Ukrainian people, just like the way did to the middle east.

And then a media campaign was built up to distract people. By engaging in the semantics of western bourgeois media and by falsely portraying Russia’s limited military manoeuvres in Crimea as an ‘Invasion’, they brainwashed millions of people around the world in favour of western imperialism.

It is Obvious to most, the events in Ukraine did not commence with Russia adding to its troop numbers in the Crimean peninsular, but it’s something triggered after the response of EU and NATO. The crucial question then must be posted, ‘Why NATO intevene on a subject that’s not related to any military action’. The answer is that NATO instigated war, ethnic division, and social antagonism in the former Soviet bloc including Yugoslovia, Bosnia and Middle East with the desired aim of keeping US’s stronghold in the region.

The truth is that the West wants to dominate the world, need to show their power what happen if you oppose us. A New World Order where all countries around the world will follow the orders of the Western Imperial powers including the United States, France and Great Britain. Islam and other anti westerners are a clear obstacle to Western dominance of the world. So what do you need to do? Tarnish their image and demonise them. That’s what happening now.

The outstanding historic examples of US imperialism are the expansionist policies of Alexander the Great, Rome, Napoleon, British monarchy, European colonism and Hitler. They all have in common an urge toward expansion which knows no rational limits, feeds on its own successes and, if not stopped by a superior force, will go on to the confines of the political world.

(Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer, a Columnist and Follow him on Twitter @OfficialJehan)


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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