Death of a Tyrant: One less Dross – The Reality of Sharon!

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Despite being called the most ‘Controversial figure’, ‘a monumental figure in Israel’s modern history’ And on and on in all the Zionist-US corporate media, Sharon is infact a war criminal who’s responsible for thousands of innocent Palestinian deaths. An article published on Huffington Post, written by Mehdi Hasan, suggests that this ‘Controversial Iconic figure’ is responsible for 73,000 Palestian-Lebo-Arab deaths through out his Military and Political career. Carlon Lattuf’s, a Brazilian Cartoonist, headline is that the “war criminal dies, unpunished,” with a cartoon at the link of a judge at the Hague expressing disappointment at the empty seat for the defendant. Sharon’s career was built on massacres–from Qibya in 1953, to Sabra and Shatila in 1982, to Jenin in 2002.

Considered as the ‘King Of Israel’, Sharon joined The Haganah in 1942, a Jewish zionist murdering gang, the British called “Terrorists”. Following the creation of Israel Sharon joined as a commander in the Israeli Army. Serving as an Army commander, Sharon was elevated as the Minister of Defense. As Minister of Defense, he directed the 1982 Lebanon War. Sharon entered politics upon retirement, he joined the Likud, and served in a number of ministerial posts in Likud- led governments in 1977–92 and 1996–99. He became the leader of the Likud in 2000, and served as Israel’s Prime Minister from 2001 to 2006. acting as the Prime minister of Israel, Sharon suffered a stroke on 4 January 2006 and was left in a persistent vegetative state until his death eight years later on 11 January 2014. two days after his death Sharon has been buried at his ranch kilometres from the occupied Gaza Strip in the southern Negev desert.

Following the foot-steps of his Predecessor Menachem Begin, As a prime minister, Sharon bore a responsibility to slaughter Palestinians in cold blood. Sharon made a name for himself in 1953 by leading a massacre of Palestinian civilians in Jordan and in 1982, he led the Israeli invasion of Beirut, during which Israeli soldiers allowed Christian militias to enter two Palestinian refugee camps, Sabra and Shatilla, and massacres hundreds of civilians, including many women and children. Some reports put the death toll at 2,000-3,000.

In 1953, this Warmonger led Unit 101, a special Task force attributed to IDF entered and attacked Qibya, a small, undefended village inside the West Bank, and massacred 69 people, many of them burned alive inside their homes.

In 1967 he led his army to capture Gaza. The IDF fought for six days and Gaza, with too many blood has fallen under the feets of the Jewish-Zionist invaders. During this war an estimated number of 18,000 civilian deaths occured while only 20 Israeli persons have been reported killed. Within six days, Sharon and his had won a decisive land war. Israeli forces had taken control of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria.

Despite having conquered the remaining 25 percent of Palestine in the 1967 war, Sharon was far from satisfied. Upon this coquest, Sharon self proclaimed him as the governor of Gaza Sharon was renowened for Arbitrary arrest and detention, brutality, Sexual assaults and systematic assassination of Palestinians resisting occupation. Sharon is most notorious for the 1982 invasion of Lebanon or Sabra and Shatila massacre in which he invaded the refugee camps in Beirut with full US backing. US, known for it’s treachery provided Israel with bombs that pounded Beirut and other cities, while the members of Christian ‘Lebanese Phalanges Party’ reported killing Palestinian Refugees using axes and sharp objects.

The stated objective of the invasion was to drive the Palestine Liberation Organization out of Lebanon. There are more than 400,000 Palestinian refugees– those driven from their homeland to make way for the state of Israel in 1948 and their descendants– living in Lebanon. Altogether, more than seven million Palestinians today live in exile.

Sharon, however, publicly stated that 2,000 “terrorists” remained in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in West Beirut. In reality, those remaining in the camps were almost all children, women and elderly men. Virtually all of the young men had been evacuated.

In contempt of overwhelming eye witness and evidence pointed out that Sharon and other Israeli commanders had sent the fascists into the undefended camps, a 1983 Israeli court of inquiry backed by the UN found Sharon only “indirectly responsible” for the massacre, thus leading him to resign from his post.

While Sharon was forced to resign from the Israeli cabinet following the court of inquiry, he continued to be a key political actor and came back as a cabinet minister in the 1990s. With all these blood strain on his hand, Sharon was elected as the 11th prime minister of illegal Israeli entity. In March 2002, the Israeli military carried out a massive operation in the West Bank and Gaza seeking to suppress the intifada. Among the most brutal attacks was one on the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank. Over several days, using militarised bulldozers along with heavy weapons, the Israel military demolished much of the camp, burying many people alive. The same year, Sharon began building the apartheid wall through the West Bank confiscating still more Palestinian land.

Liberal supporters of Israel decry and the west decry Sharon’s absurdities. They wring their hands over the tragic necessity of airstrikes on Gaza, the agony is that those abettors assure us that they respect human rights and want peace. But they react in inchoate fury when the reality of Israel is held up before them.

This is the reality of ‘Zionist’ thug Ariel Sharon, Reality shatters the fiction of a peace process. Reality lays bare the fact that Sharon routinely has used deadly force against unarmed civilians, including children, to steal half the land on the West Bank and crowd forcibly displaced Palestinians into squalid, militarised ghettos while turning their land and homes over to Jewish settlers. Reality exposes the new racial laws adopted by Sharon as those once advocated by the fanatic racist Meir Kahane.

No matter what kind of headlines they post, Sharon will be forever remembered as the blood-stained and racist mass murderer that he was.

(Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer, a Columnist at The Lahore Times, can read his column at and Follow him on Twitter @OfficialJehan)


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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