Bangladesh: Democracy goes from womb to Mujeeb’s tomb

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Amidst wide-spread protests, killings and boycott by almost all major opposition political parties, The Ruling Awami league headed by Sheikh Haseena, once again marks the victory of 10th Bangladeshi Presidential election. The opposition BNP headed by Begum Khaleda Zia remained all aloof from the election today Bangladesh passing through the worst situation of it’s history. The 10th presidential election held three days ago has made an immortal wound to it’s democracy and made the ‘Country of Bengals’ into the burning ashes of Pompei.

Only 4,39,38,938 out 9,19,65,977 registered voters got the opportunity to cast votes, it means only 52% of the people and most importantly president Abdul Hamid and prime minister Sheikh Hasina did not have the chance to cast votes as polls did not take place to 153 constituencies following the ‘election uncontested’ of candidates to those constituencies.

Despite tightened security at least 130 people were killed and the country experienced over 24 days of transport blockade since November 25 after the polls schedules were announced.

BBC correspondent for Bangladesh, Mahfuz Rahman reported on the election day that : “The trickle of voters never turned into the long queues Bangladeshi elections are known for. Voters who did turn up had no real choice, as the opposition was not taking part. There was extra security at the few constituencies in Dhaka where voting did take place. But in more remote areas the fear of attacks left voters wary”

Recent incidents of executing Abdul Quader Mullah on charges of ‘War Crime’ has also triggered wide-spread tension throughout the country. The Bangladeshi people didn’t accept Mullah Abdul Qadir as a traitor or a conspirator, as many of it’s people stood against the decision of it’s government. He had been very much popular and widely loved and respected throughout his life and his judicial murder made him more popular among his people. It is a common Knowledge that Hasina did this injustice to Mullah and the people just to please India.

Under such circumstance can Bengladeshis around the world accept Hasina’s regime as the custodians of democracy? This clearly proves that a very strong way that the people of Bangladesh completely disagree with the rulling government, and are totally dissatisfied with the rulling strategy of the government of Hasina and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Itsn’t it time that Bangladeshis worldwide think of liberating their country from Hasina’s regime, who are nothing but treacherous wolves and poodles of India, in Islamic sheep’s clothing?

Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer, a Columnist at The Lahore Times, can read his column at and Follow him on Twitter @OfficialJehan)


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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