Four Months After The Coup – Egypt heading towards Anarchy to Insanity

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Nearly four months after democratically elected president Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was toppled in one of the most humiliating manners on 03 July 2013, Arab world’s most famous country remains in chaos and anarchy.

His fall engineered by the US, Oil rich gulf sheikhdom and the Zionists left a powervacuum which was filled by militias and Army generals, who are nothing but Zionist lobbies. Egyptians expected a better living condition, alas “nothing has changed” since the coup, staged by Abdel fatah Al-Sisi, the million dollar baby of Israel, Instead things are worse. There is chaos and lawlessness everywhere. There is no control centrism of power or the people don’t know who is their leader of their country, who is leading them and where to turn to.

What Egyptians and Arab people in total should know is, never in the history these coups have benefitted human kind. No matter what origins, it’s a wound to humanity. Take Syrian coup for an example, nearly every aspect of the life in Syria has shaped by the former de facto ruler Hafez Al-Assad, a loyal ally of Israel. his autocratic government and consitutional system today headed by his son Bashar Al-Assad, who has turned the country into a slaughterhouse. Take Indonesian coup of 50′s, it turned the whole country into a mess and allowed CIA to enter into country’s politics, which ended up in a massacre.

Over half of a century living under autocratic rules and frequently exposed into coups, it seems Arabs have lost the sense of rational thinking, intelligence and contemporary trend of this World, democracy etc.

After overthrowing Morsi’s government, the first response in favour of his rule and his legitimacy came from Turkey’s Erdogan. He said :

“Currently, my president in Egypt is Morsi because he was elected by the people. It is not the duty of the army to govern the country, sole role of an army is to protect a country’s borders. Therefore, if we don’t consider the situation like this, we would disregard the people of Egypt. Disregarding the will of the Egyptian people means disregarding yourself because in Turkey we respect the will of the people. We would respect the coup regime if they had won at the ballot box”

I agree with his statement. no matter what flaws the government may have or errors they may have committed, governments coming to power through elections must be advised in a civilised manner, not by guns and bullets, but through mutual meetings within the framework of democratic provisions of law. Coups never help humanity nor it meets the need of human kind.

Several Egyptians bashed me with words for speaking against their newly formed interim government and their first claim was that I am not an Egyptians and I do not know what’s going on. Well, I agree with them, partially. As you know, I do not have to be a fish in the ocean or drink from the ocean to know it’s flavor; all I need is just a drop. Who are that drop? Those Drops are some Egyptian intellectuals and journalists who left the country and living now in the West. Nearly all of them, Tariq Ramadan, Abd Al-Mu’ti Higazi, Fatima Said, Abdullah EL-Haddad etc. condemned the Egyptian coup d’état. they were some people who left their country, because they were fed with their own country, their autocratic rule and system, Military dictatorship etc. Because they enjoy, and benefited from all the freedoms in the western world, specially the Freedom of Speech, Humanity which many Arabs lack, and the Rule of Law.

Though Egypt is getting more chaotic if not bloodier by the day, none here are to blame but the Egyptians. After decades of Military rule and approximately Seven thousand years of it’s autocratic rule, Egyptians are not really prepared for democratic rule that was suddenly thrust on them literally over-night. Egypt, on the other-hand, is not in it’s old state. Back then in 60′s and 70′s, however, Egypt was the fulcrum of the Arab world, arguably it’s most important country, but no more. it was the centre for learning, with the region’s best universities, both Religious and secular, but now most Egyptian universities are now laughably bad, despite it’s number of wealth and oil, it’s literacy rate is such low as 72% (Male 80%, Female 63.5%). Egyptian state media is a regional joke. In recent times it’s newspapers and TV stations have plumbed new depth of sycophancy in their panegyrics to ‘Pharaoh Abu Fatah Al-Sisi’, the country’s new military overlord and the million dollar baby of the US and Israel.

Today Egypt is largely polarised, and Egyptians are killings Egyptians. The same US- Zionist drama staged in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, under their global conspiracy to destroy Muslim countries. Egypt has become extremely segmented. Egypt does not exist as a united country and currently the situation is escalating. If the situation in Egypt develops in such a way, then this blessed land of Moses (peace be upon him) may easily follow the path of Somalia, Sudan and Libya and become an almost unmanageable. The US, Zionists, Saudi and their gulf tails together with some deeply frustrated fanatical Egyptians remain responsible for this disaster. Egypt is in full mess. What happens in Egypt at this crucial point in it’s millenniums old history, as it struggles to find a clear voice, a powerful leader with moderate religious values, who will shape the region for decades to come.

(Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer, a Columnist at The Lahore Times, can read his column at Follow him on Twitter @OfficialJehan)


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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