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Proof The Nobel Peace Prize Is a Fraud

By : Gavin Nascimento The Nobel peace prize can be traced to the Nobel family, specifically Alfred whose picture is found on the actual medal.

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Who Killed Arafat?

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan Undoubtedly Israel, But what can we do? Israel holds the record for ignoring United Nations Security Council resolutions but still the country is under the protection of USA and under the nourishment of European Union. … Continue reading

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Why are Sauds so concerned on Woman driving while their Female Royal members have fallen into moral disgrace?

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By : Mohammed Jehan Khan Saudi Arabia is an inward-looking, highly conservative desert kingdom. Its customs remain unknown and mysterious to most of the rest of the world. Saudi family has a claim on leadership of Muslim world, but they … Continue reading

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Four Months After The Coup – Egypt heading towards Anarchy to Insanity

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan Nearly four months after democratically elected president Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was toppled in one of the most humiliating manners on 03 July 2013, Arab world’s most famous country remains in chaos and anarchy.

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