The lineage of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Banu Hashemite, the clan of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are descendants of Yarub, grandson of Prophet Hud (AS) and son of Qahtan, and the ancestor of the present day Yemenites. some accounts relate that Yarub was the first to speak Arabic and that the language was named for him and he is also credited with having invented the Kufic script. While the Quran makes no reference to the location of Aad, Prophet Hud (AS) and his later descendants Yarub, it is believed to have been in the part of the Arabian Peninsula, possibly in eastern Yemen and/or western Oman. In the 1980s, a settlement was discovered and thought to be Ubar, mentioned in the Quran as Iram, the capital of Aad.

Yorub’s son Yashjud was the king Saba or Sheba, the founder of Saba or Sheba kingdom, mentioned in the Quran. Yorub is believed to be the direct Descendant of the Prophet Ismael (AS), Son of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), through Nabit, who was the son of Ishmael.

Ibn Kathir quoting Mohammed Ibn Ishak in As-Seerah An- Nabawiyyah denotes the part of the lineage of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as follows :

“Yarub ibn Yashjub ibn Nabit ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim”

Yarub’s Great Grandson Abd Shams Abdu Manaf ibn Qusaiy, was the great-great-grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Ibn Qusaiy had four sons :

1. Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf
2. Muttalib ibn Abd al-Manaf
3. Nawfal ibn Abd al-Manaf
4. Hashim ibn ‘Abd Manaf

Hashim ibn ‘Abd Manaf was the great grandfather of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) after whom the Banu Hashim (Hashemite) clan of Quraishi tribe was named. Hashim ibn ‘Abd Manaf had five wives, four sons, and six daughters.

1. His first wife was his own mother (marrying one’s own mother was acceptable in Pre-Islamic Jahili Arabia)
2. His second wife was Qaylah bint Amr ibn Malik
3. His third wife was Halah bint Amr ibn Thalabah al-Khazrajiyah
4. His fourth wife he married one of his father’s widow, Waqida bint Amr (Abu Adiy) al-Maziniyyah , the mother of his half-brother Nawfal Ibn Adb Manaf
5. His fifth wife was Salma bint Amr, a woman from Madina

By Salma he had Abdul Mutalib, Paternal grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Abdul Mutalib was given the name “Shaybah” meaning ‘the ancient one’ or ‘white-haired’ for the streak of white through his jet-black hair.

Abdul Mutalib had ten sons and six daughters. His son from his second wife Fatimah bint Amr, was Abu Talib, the father of Ali Ibn Abu Talib (RA), who later became the leader of Hashemite clan.

He had another son from Fatimah bin Amr. He was Abdullah ibn Abdul Mutalib, father of our great prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), through Aminah bint Wahb. It was said in many Arab texts that a light shined out of his forehead and that this light was the promise of a Noble Prophet as offspring. Many women approached ‘Abdullah, who is reported to have been a handsome man; so that they might gain the honour of producing the offspring.

Soon after their marriage ‘Abdullah would be called to Palestine and Syria, on a trading caravan trip, when he left Aminah was pregnant. ‘Abdullah was absent for several months in Gaza. On his way back he stopped for a longer rest with the family of his maternal grandmother in Madinah. where his maternal uncles also lived. While preparing to join a caravan to Makkah when he fell ill and died.

Two months after ‘Abdullah’s death, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born. As was tradition among all the great families at the time, Aminah sent Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) into the desert as a baby. The belief was that in the desert, one would learn self- discipline, nobility, and freedom. This also gave Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) the chance to learn Arabic and Arab traditions. During this time, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was nursed by Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb, a poor Bedouin woman. When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was five years old he was reunited with Aminah. After being reunited with her son Aminah took him to Yathrib ( Madinah) to meet his extended family and introduce him to the city. They ended up spending one month in Yathrib. However, after having traveled only 23 miles from Yathrib (Madina) towards Mecca accompanied by her slave Umm ‘Aiman al Barakah, Aminah fell ill and eventually died and was buried in the village of Abwa’.

Compiled by : Mohammed Jehan Khan


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