Antisemitism: Zionism’s Weapon

A powerful weapon employed by Zionism is that of accusing anti-Zionists of being antisemitic. But persons who publicly oppose one Jew or another, even if only in business affairs, are also accused of antisemitism.

Playing on people’s feelings of compassion, sympathy and charity, they accuse a specific person of racism, of misanthropy, of egoistically favouring a particular ethnic group, of chauvinism, and of having a completely inadequate attitude towards the Jews, who are described as “a people who are perpetually hounded, downtrodden, quiet, inoffensive, and undeservingly despised and abused”. And who would like those around him to think that he is such a monster? Some people genuinely are antisemitic. But antisemitism is in fact generated precisely by Zionism and by the Zionist moods and actions which Jews display. On the other hand the Zionists do not as a rule behave scornfully towards genuine antisemites, who are not to be confused with anti-Zionists. The latter are opposed not to the Jews but to their Zionism. Antisemites are even useful to Zionists. The first reason for this is that they serve the aim of herding the Jews together, of uniting the Jews for purposes of defence and self-preservation. The second reason is that the statements made by antisemites are frequently absurd and their actions are excessively emotional, crude and cruel; and the finger of blame can be pointed at someone by saying: “Look, this person” – referring to an honest, intelligent, active anti-Zionist – “is just like that person!” – referring to someone known to be a foolish and cruel antisemite. Thirdly, the antisemites themselves are fairly harmless when it comes to opposing the objectives of Zionism. At times of disturbance and unrest, they can of course slaughter the Jews of a particular locality, but they will never elevate themselves into struggling against Zionism, because they despise the Jews and consider that the Jews are by no means a powerful force but merely a base, pushy, worthless nation. The Zionists’ system of spreading opinions about the Jews has worked effectively on those antisemites. Due to their inability to oppose Zionism, they do not represent an obstacle to Zionism’s goals. Where the possible slaughter of Jews – and it sometimes actually takes place – is concerned, Zionists reckon that not all the Jews will be slaughtered, and that those remaining will work all the more actively for Zion for that reason. Zion is said to be the defender and rescuer of those who remain. This “rescuer” includes in its calculations the fact that there will be some slaughters of Jews by antisemites! The Zionists themselves foster the antisemites. We have already said that, apart from this, antisemitism is naturally generated by the Zionism of the Jews. An ordinary person can by no means always rise to a position where he understands the part played by ideology and organization. He sees Jews behaving badly and, without going into a deep analysis of the problem and without separating the Zionism of a Jew from that Jew himself, he begins to consider that the Jews are bad as a nation and he begins to hate Jews. Antisemitism is generated and regenerated by Zionism! And the reverse also applies: antisemitism nurtures Zionism in a hidden way; it helps the Zionists to bring the Jews under the power of Zion.

With rare exceptions, an antisemite cannot elevate his behaviour into anti-Zionism. His hatred of and contempt for the Jews blur his vision. If one disregards the Zionism of the Jews, then the Jews are an extremely deserving nation. They are intelligent, persistent, highly adaptable, well-organized, gifted and sober. They love life and they have an inclination towards unity and collectivism. It is not merely a matter of Zionists suggesting all this to them. The Jews really do possess these abilities. But unfortunately it is precisely the merits of this nation that make Zionism so dangerous. If the Jews were like the antisemites think they are, then Zionism would not in fact constitute such a serious threat to people or, what is more, to mankind as a whole. But Zionism as it is in reality, and basing itself on the merits of the Jewish nation, represents an extremely great danger which can only be averted by persistent, active, powerful, well-organized, consistent and purposeful struggle. Victory or death. That is by no means merely a brash slogan. For the Gentile part of mankind, these words take on an entirely real sense: if you do not defeat Zionism, you will be physically destroyed by the Zionists!

Taken from the book “The nature of Zionism” Chapter VII ‘Antisemitism: Zionism’s Weapon’ By : Vladimir Stepin
Published – in Russian – in Moscow, 1993
Translated into English – by Clive Lindhurst.


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

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