We, Muslims Condemn the West Gate Attack, Kenya

Islam opposes all uses of force in this sense. Even in war, however, the inflicting of any injury to women and children is forbidden as is the use of force against civilians. Only fighters in the field of battle must be confronted with force and it is only against them that injurious physical force can be used. Inflicting injuries outside of this context or in the punishment of criminals according to the dictum of the shari’a and the view of a judge is completely forbidden by Islamic Law.

Very few Muslim these days are miss-guided, some are very violents, but not Islam. As far as violence in the sense of the use of unjust force against the rights of others and laws is concerned, Islam stands totally opposed to it. If there is nevertheless violation in Islamic society, it is due not to the teachings of Islam but the imperfection of the human recipients of the Divine Message. The way of Islam is not to free the earth from Roman, Persian, European colonists’ tyranny in order to replace it with ‘Muslim tyranny and extremism’ All tyranny is wicked!


If the current Muslims are too corrupt and violent then God Almighty will change them with better ones: God Almighty has no tolerance for violence. He says :
…..whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs.
(Quran 5:32)


As long as the Muslims tolerate and propagate extremism and vandalism, God Almighty will never be satisfied with us, and He might ultimately substitute us with other better nations who are more straight forward, Kind and sincere.

As today’s statistics say, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West and Europe. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if God Almighty got so fed up from the current muslim population that He finally decided to make Islam live its glorious times in the West instead. Only then will the Muslims live in Islamic states and enjoy freedom of speech, respect each other regardless their race and ethnicity and and treat others with kindness. It’s ironic that the Western people are living what Islam taught 1400 years ago (except for their ridiculous open sexuality, which by the way the religious people among them avoid), and the Muslims aren’t living what Islam teaches! This is Islam that I truly love and adore, Don’t try to demonize it.

According to Al-Sahabab, the Perpetrators of this attack says it was in response to Kenyan troops in Somalia. There are about 4,000 Kenyan troops in the south of Somalia, where they have been fighting the militants since 2011. Conflicts cannot be solved when either side justifies its own violence but expects the other to stop. Islam strongly condemns the attacks on innocent civilians, Islam is a religion which teaches non- violence. According to the Quran, Allah, the eternal God does not love fasad, violence.

What is meant here by fasad is clearly expressed in verse 205 of the second Surah. Basically, fasad is that action which results in disruption of the social system, causing huge losses in terms of lives and property. The entire spirit of the Quran is in consonance with this concept. Quran attaches great importance to patience. But sadly the extremists have no patience. In fact, they have forgotten the patience is set above all other Islamic virtues with the exceptional promise of reward beyond measure.

Patience implies a peaceful response or reaction, whereas impatience implies a violent response. All the great successes of the first phase of Islam as well as the succeeding periods were achieved by non-violent methods.


On the other-hand, the western media should not distort the news by simply putting the blame on the peaceful Muslim community living scattered around the world. What happened to the Muslims of any land in which Non-Muslims ruled them?
In Communist Russia they were forcibly marched into the gulags of Siberia. In Eastern Europe it was the genocide of Bosnia and Srebrenica that awaited them. In Palestine, it is 60 years and counting of occupation, humiliation and imprisonment. In Spain, it was total annihilation, such that not one man was left to call the adhān. Now, what happened to Non-Muslims living in Muslim lands? In Moghul India, the Hindus survived, prospered and eventually took over. In Umayyad Spain, they all lived happily in the most modern state in all of Europe. In the Ottoman Empire, the Jews found shelter and a new golden age. In Egypt and Syria, a significant minority of the country is still Christian despite living under Muslim rule for 1400 years. Contrary to modern perceived wisdom, Muslims have almost always been tolerant of Non-Muslim minorities/ majorities in lands that they ruled. Had Islam been as intolerant as other ideologies, the non-Muslim communities in the Muslim world would have disappeared just like the Moors of Spain.

Of course, no example of tolerance can be greater than that of the Prophet himself. When he was struggling in Makkah with a few followers, he would not raise his voice against those who heaped rubbish on him. When he went to Ta’if he would not curse those who stoned him. When he saw his beloved wife and uncle die during the years of expulsion and starvation, he would not raise his hands against those who decimated his beloved family members. When he entered his hometown as a conqueror, he would not seek vengeance against anyone – even the killer of his dear uncle. Of course, the Prophet did stand up against oppression, unprovoked aggression and injustice. There was a balance in his behavior that is missing from the discourse of both, those whose first instinct is to burn stuff and those who say that all provocation should be ignored.

The Prophet taught us tolerance and taught us its limits. As the Western world grapples with the cancerous spread of dangerous Islamophobia in their lands and the Muslim world grapples with tendency to reflexive actions in theirs we would all do well to remember his example. Muslims have a choice to reunite, refocus and re-build the world in honor of him.

(Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer and can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @OfficialJehan)


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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