So Where does all that ‘Gulf Oil Money’ go?

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Seventy five years ago, before the discovery of oil, the Gulf Arab society was poverty stricken and lot cut away from the rest of the world which never paid any attention to their plight. Those were the days there were no drinking water, electricity, roads, schools or any such basic facility. They were mostly shephards and seafaring Traders. Women devoted their time for children and domestic duties, purchasing food or cloth and meeting other women in the neighborhood. Some Yemenite Arabs searched ports and trading hubs all over the world and some settled in the Indian Malabar coast and the Western and the southern coasts of Sri Lanka, while others kept themselves busy with desert camel caravans to sell their goods.

This lifestyle continued till the discovery of oil on March 4, 1938. The first oil well was discovered by the British in 1938 now modern day Dahahran, Dammam Saudi Arabia. Islam, in its proper perspective disappeared from the region under the European colonial rule which could be described as the Dark Age in the Middle East.

Today, we see these royals are too busy leading supercilious lives of extreme decadence and indulgence with ill- gotten oil money. May that oil be cursed. The late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish once wrote that the Arabs’ state would be better without oil. And so true. It has corrupted the Arabs, allowed for renter-states and provided the basis of rule for awful regimes.

The leading oil producing nation, Saudi Arabian royals siphon obscene amounts of oil while 30% of the Saudi population lives in poverty. One of the liberal members of the Saudi royal family billionaire investor Prince Bin Talal told the New York Times that roughly 30-40% of all Saudi oil revenue it devoted to the royal family’s expenditures and that every Saudi prince and there are thousands receive $100,000 for every year since their birth. So nearly $2million by the time they are 18. 

And where is that money going? Yachts on the French Rivera, homes in Cannes, endless nights in London clubs and brothels, and shopping trips to Paris. An utter waste. They spend so much money overseas that Spain and France compete as to where the members of the royal family will spend their summers (maintaining homes in both nations), because wherever they go they spend lavishly in the local economy and bring a massive entourage.

king Fahd bin Abdul Aziz was known for his extravagant vacations in Spain’s Costa del Sol. The posh resort town of Marbella is where he built his palace named “Mar Mar”, and each year for a month or more he would stay there. Luxury villas and hundreds of rooms in five-star hotels would be reserved for his entourage, and anywhere between ninety to three hundred million dollars would be spent by the royal family on the vacation.

Other powerful Saudi royals can be seen living it up on the French Riviera. They fly on private jets, buy the finest jewels and dine at exclusive restaurants. Saudi prince al Walid bin Talal has summered in Cannes for the last thirty years, and owns a 281 foot yacht called the “Kingdom” that he bought from Donald Trump. The yacht comes complete with a disco studio and helicopter. 
Examples of extravagance include one Saudi prince buying a $1.2 million emerald and diamond necklace, while a Saudi princess purchased a $10,000 Christian Lacroix outfit with pink and purple raccoon boas. Saudi royalty has property in most countries in the world including Pakistan where they have built huge walled compounds for themselves in which they do as they please. They visit the area once a year, usually during the hunting season. Their excesses know no bounds.

Prince William and Kate Middleton received their very own crown jewels worth £60million as a lavish wedding present by the Saudi royal rascals while leaving the poverty stricken poor Muslim yemenis around the borders.

Described as the fifth richest man in the world at an estimated $22 billion net worth, Prince al Walid defended the riches of the Saudi royal family, as well as their spending habits. “Wealth is a blessing,” he said. “You know if wealth is used properly, it is not abused but rather used, there’s nothing wrong with that.” According to them the proper use of wealth is traveling by private jets to exotic locations, staying in private palaces, buying jewels and branded goods,womanising  and drinking, and abusing the rule of law.

It was the oil wealth, gift of God and not something they earned on their own, that brought all the comforts and the world to their feet .However they have forgotten the very God who blessed them with this wealth and his faith.

Over the years today they have become client state of the US and Israel. They collaborate and assisted in the US-European and Israeli invasion and destruction of Muslim countries and killing millions of Muslims.

Under such circumstances, undoubtedly the gates of ‘Jahannam’ (Hell) are opened for these US-Zionist wolves in Islamic clothing and it is matter of time that the Saudi regime, despised by worldwide Muslims, and their Gulf tails pay the price for overstepping their limits.


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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