Saudi Arabia : Holy Land, Unholy Rulers!

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

Saudi Arabia is an inward-looking, highly conservative desert kingdom. Its customs remain unknown and mysterious to most of the rest of the world. In a similar way, Al Saud’s life leading up to Abdulaziz’ death is shrouded in mystery.

Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia was the tribal chief in and around Riyadh early last century. These Al-Sauds are an illiterate lot and far away from modern education and civilizations. Economic hardships were the order of the day. Though they called themselves Muslims their day to day life was governed by medieval style tribal customs and traditions. Islam, in its proper perspective disappeared from the region under the European colonial rule which could be described as the dark Age in the Middle East .On the whole the Saudi Arabia and the surrounding Gulf States lived in extreme hardships and no one took any notice of these desert Bedouin until the oil wealth in the early 1970s.

In 1897, the Zionists decided to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Ten years later in 1907 Britain decided at the London Colonial Conference to establish a hostile power which would keep the Middle East in turmoil. This brought Britain and the Zionist Jews together and the two jointly manipulated and brought down the Turkey’s Islamic Ottoman Empire during World War 1.

Abdul Aziz Ibn Al Saud and other tribal leaders, heavily bribed, supported and facilitated the British and the Jews to topple Turkey’s Ottoman and wipe out Islam from there. As part of this conspiracy the British concluded a Treaty of Friendship in 1916, with Abdul Aziz Ibn Al Saud, who by then had established his control over Nejd with the capture of Riyadh.

The Ottoman Empire collapsed during World War 1. In their drive to wipe out Islam the British and the Zionists were quick to abolish Turkey’s caliphate and introduce a secular government headed by a Romanian Jew called Mustafa Kamal who pretended as a Muslim and won the confidence of the Turkish Sultan.

Up to the collapse Ottomans Makka, Madina and Jeddah were under their rule. Ottomans appointed Sharif Hussein, great-great-grandfather of the present American-British Jordanian stooge Abdullah, as the Sharif of Makka. However during the war Ottoman lost control over Makka and Jeddah before finally losing Madina in 1919.

Sharif Hussein was keen to maintain the Caliphate system and revive Islamic rule. He tried to govern the Holy cities of Makka and Madina with a committee represented by Muslims all over the world. With this in mind Sharif Hussein declared himself the Caliph of Makka on 7 March 1924, four days after the abolition of the caliphate on 3 March 1924.

This provoked the British and the Jews who were all out to abolish the caliphate and crush any move to unite Muslims which may lead to revival of Islam worldwide. Responding quick British and the Jews provided arms and money to Abdel Aziz Ibn Al Saud to attack Sharif Hussein. Abdel Aziz didn’t miss the chance. Backed by Britain and the Zionists, he attacked Sharif Hussein, defeated him, prevented the establishment of caliphate and established the Wahhabi rule which was not favourable to the system of caliphate. Thus the caliphate system, which has been the rallying point for Muslims all over the world, was wiped out and the British and Jewish control over the region was further strengthened with Abdel Aziz in the helm. Wahhabism was allowed to flourish.

The irony was that Sharif Hussein found refuge under British who later made his two sons, one a king of Jordan and the other the ruler of Iraq. This is the sad and sickening plight of the Muslim Middle East ruled, almost a century later today, by US, British and French stooges and shamelessly implementing Judeo-Christian conspiracies against Islam and Muslims.

Thus Britain and the Jews were solely responsible for creating the present Saudi Arabia and installing Al Saud family as the rulers there. As a result the Al Saud family owes a great deal to British and the Jews. And the Muslim world is paying the price. This is the shameful plight of the Muslim world.

Saudi Arabia Today

The ‘Saudi’ Arabian peninsula is passing through a sensitive phase which will have a big effect in shaping the future of Islam in the Muslim Gulf. Perhaps the most evident of the features of this phase is the Islamic resurgence which revealed the fraud of the Saudi system, and confirmed the illegitimacy of the Saudi rule over the Muslims, and which has taken practical steps to effect change. Added to this are a number of events with respect to the economy, politics, society, and security which will compete to weigh the balance in favour of the Muslim tide – God willing.

The Saudi regime has lost the most important card, which it used to take advantage of to maintain its existence, and this was the card of Islam. The claims of applying Shari’ah and defence of Islam have become empty, and no longer have any connection with the real situation. The fallacy of these claims has been proven through:

1. – Governing in accordance with man-made laws, and the legislature of these. Topping the black list is the passage of laws permitting interest based banks to increase their activities. This includes also a number of laws such as those for work and workers, the law for the Saudi Arabian army, and the law of the trade room, and others, which run contrary to the law of Allah.

2. – The loyalty of the regime to the sword enemies of Islam such as the US, Zionists and the European Union, and the regimes enmity towards Islam.

3. – Resorting to secular laws with respect to its foreign policies, and the setting aside of the laws of Islam with respect to international relations.

It becomes obvious from this that the Saudi regime does not differ from the other apostate regimes which dominate Muslim countries, even though it may attempt to fool people through applying some of the laws of Islam over the common people, in particular the laws entitled ‘the personal laws’. This is the prevailing situation with the regime of the Saud Dynasty.

The ruling Al-Saud rascals deal with crown land as well as private land as if these were their own personal property. The princes place their hands over vast areas of land, then they present these to their friends and supporters of leeches and hypocrites, not to mention the building of fantastic palaces which are spread in various parts of the country as well as outside it.

This royal extravagance was accompanied with an organised effort to secularise the Muslim people and spread in their midst rejectionist ideas, and moral decadence. Amongst their evil tools is the media which busy’s itself with all which incurs the wrath of Allah, to the television which grabs whatever may corrupt from the garbage of the world cinema, to the change of the education curriculum with what fits with controlling people and branding them, as they also send the best amongst their youth to the West where the roots of the Western mentality become planted in their souls.

Behind the facade of Wahhabi conservatism the underground nightlife for Jeddah’s Al-Saud elite youth is thriving and throbbing. The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available alcohol, drugs, sex, but strictly behind closed doors. There are over 10,000 princes in the Kingdom, at various levels and gradations – Royal Highnesses (Saheb Al Sumou Malik) signified by direct descent from King Abdul Aziz, and mere highnesses (Saheb Al Sumou) from less direct branches of the Al Saud ruling family.

These 10,000 illiterate uncultured Saudi rascals enjoys the perks of a mansion, luxury car, lifetime stipend, scotch whisky, Women, prostitutes and security entourage. It is common practice for Saudi princes to grow up with hired bodyguards from Nigeria or other African nations who are of similar age and who remain with the prince well into adulthood. They are called “khawi”.

Alcohol, though strictly prohibited by Saudi law and custom, was plentiful at the partys well-stocked bar, well-patronized by Halloween revellers. The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using “Sadiqi”, a locally-made moonshine. While top-shelf liquor bottles were on display throughout the bar area, the original contents were reportedly already consumed and replaced by sadiqi. On the black market, a bottle of Smirnoff can cost 1,500 riyals when available, compared to 100 riyals for the locally-made vodka.

Saudi elite youth get to enjoy relative social freedom and indulge fleshly pursuits, but only behind closed doors and only the rich. Parties of this nature and scale are believed to be a relatively recent phenomenon in Jeddah. One contact, a young Saudi male, explained that up to a few years ago, the only weekend activity was dating inside the homes of the affluent in small groups. It is not uncommon in Jeddah for the more lavish private residences to include elaborate basement bars, discos, entertainment centers and clubs. As one high society Saudi remarked, The increased conservatism of our society over these past years has only moved social interaction to the inside of people homes.

Anyone who has visited Saudi Arabia or resided in the country will have experienced that public entertainment and street life, let alone protests which scarcely exist, as few people socialize outside their families. This reality is making social media very popular and the recent launch of twitter will only lead to more questioning of the role of the regime. The Saudi monarchy has for the moment survived the Arab spring, but the region’s architecture is rapidly changing and many are questioning the Saud clan’s domination of political life of the country that suffers from immense corruption.Despite large oil reserves, Saudi Arabia has a poverty rate, according to some estimates of 60%. As Saudi society accesses international opinion regarding the Saudi monarchy through social media, the Saudi monarchy will find the pillars of its rule eventually questioned and challenged.

Under such circumstance can Muslims worldwide accept this Saudi rascals as the “Custodian of holy city of Makka and Madina”? Isn’t it time that Muslims worldwide think of liberating Islamic holy land from the medieval style Saudi tyrants who are nothing but American- Zionist wolf in Islamic sheep’s clothing?

(Mohammed Jehan Khan is a Sri Lankan Independent Socio-Political writer and can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @OfficialJehan)


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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