Al-Saud Dobermans – Loyal Guard Dogs of the British, US and Zionist Imperialism

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

“I am the Sultan Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud al-Faisal and I conceded and acknowledged a thousand times to Sir Percy Cox, delegate of Great Britain, that I have no objection to giving Palestine to the poor Jews or even to non-Jews, and I will never ever violate their [the UK] orders.”

This is a historical document written by the founder of Saudi Arabia,Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud,to his great friend and associate,Sir Percy Cox of the then British Empire.The Zionist occupation of Palestine was not only made possible by the British Empire but it was made possible by the internal treachery of Arab leaders like Ibn Saud.

In our previous articles we discussed how the great ottoman empire was toppled by the British backed Al-Saud rulers, unfortunately this treachery continued to this day.

On 4 February 1915 [Rabia ‘l-awwal 1333 H.], Ibn Sa’ud wrote to Sir Percy Cox, the Political Resident in the Persian Gulf at Bushehr:

“Our declaration of war against bin Rashid, and our severance of relations with him, have already been communicated to you. We have fought against him on the 1333A.H. at a place called Al Artawi [Artawiyyah], and a great battle ensued. They were slaughtered and defeated; but it is a source of regret that our beloved friend and rare well-wisher, Captain Shakespear, was hit from a distance by one of the enemy’s shots and died. I offer my condolences on his death.


I request you to advise HM’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and offer the exalted government my sorrow and condolences for the death of our friend. We had pressed him to leave us before the incident; but he persisted in refusing to do so and in being present with us. Amongst other remarks, he said, ‘I have been ordered to be with you. If I leave you now it will be a blemish to my honour, and the honour of my country. Therefore excuse me. I must certainly be with you.’ Accordingly we allowed him [to come] with us.
Now I request you to advise the Secretary of State to acquaint them [the Government], in detail, with all that we told him [Shakespear] in Arabic as to what was required, or delegate somebody familiar with the Arabic language, in order that we may verbally represent all that is required, so that he may communicate the same to the illustrious government. 


May God protect you Percy 
Your faithful
‘Abd al-‘Aziz’.

(for more information :

In 1916 Ibn Saud became “Sir Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud,Knight Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the British Empire” due to his great service to this Western imperialist nation in expanding its sphere of influence and in the destruction of the Othman Empire

This letter and their loyalty to British ex-colonial masters, proves the treacherous Al Saud family and its binding relationship with Western imperialism symbolized then by the British Empire and now by the United States, two sworn enemies of Islam.

From the little that was quoted,we will understand the fact that the planting of the rulership of Al Saud by the British Empire was to allow the imperialist indirect control over Islam’s most holy places that are close to the hearts of all Muslims.

All the Foreign policies of Saudi Arabia are geared towards serving Western imperialism and maintaining their influence in the Islamic world.From its position as the largest buyer of Western-produced arms in the world to its support of Western-backed Arab despots to it notorious reputation as the final refuge for this despots.

Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahhabism,a heretical brand of Islam that is the greatest threat to Muslim unity in the world today.It is a corrupted ideology that excommunicates most Muslims from Islam and made legal the killings of Muslims,raping of their women and looting of their properties.The trails of bloody sectarian attacks we see in some Muslim countries are orchestrated by Islam’s greatest enemies and executed by the ungodly Wahhabis to promote the Zionist agenda of triggering a sectarian war between Muslims.

A brief study of the history of Wahhabism and the Al Saud dynasty that propagates and protects it will reveal the fact that they are an imperialist creation to promote internal wranglings and discord between Muslims.If Muslims are fully occupied at home by fighting among themselves,it becomes easy for their enemies to defeat and crushed them.And this is what is happening today…..


Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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