Amid the chaos, What do Egyptians really want?

By : Mohammed Jehan Khan

What do Egytians want? in fact this question has no answer. Egyptians are in a state of ‘deep frustration’ which blinds their eyes to see what’s the truth and who’s their own worst enemy. I believe no one can satisfy Egyptians, seriously it’s a hard task. Just think about this. Sisi, whom some Egyptians call ‘Hero’ of the nation, but exactly the ‘Million Dollar Baby Of USA’, a man that no one in Egypt has never elected and has no legitimacy and which is permitted to remove the legitimately elected president of Egypt, and to commit carnage after carnage against civilians in prayers during this holy month of Ramadan or demonstrating peacefully for the return of the president they elected democratically .

What Egyptians should know is that, these dictatorships and military coups have never benefited humanity in any period of history. No matter what its origin may be, a coup is a mortal wound to democracy; it can in no way have any legitimacy or justifications; it cannot be allowed. No matter what flaws they may have or errors they may have committed, governments coming to power through democratic elections must be advised in a civilized manner by mediators and through mutual meetings within the framework of democratic provisions of law. Thus, people having faith in democracy, regardless of their views, ideologies or political tendencies must show their reaction to this step backward in Egypt and not remain silent to it. The contrary would be nothing but a worldwide betrayal of democracy. any support that may be provided to such a coup will also set a bad example to other communities.

Egypt is sinking deeper each day into chaos, Today Egyptians are killings Egyptians. The same US- Zionist game under their global conspiracy to destroy Muslim countries.

This was the strategy of the US-Zionist war mongers in other oil rich and strategically important other Muslim countries. They invaded Afghanistan and got Afghans to kill Afghans- a strategy which continues unabated to date. They invaded Iraq and put the Iraqis against Iraqis and turned this country into a killing field. Iraq remains a fractured country.

Indeed, Egypt has become extremely segmented. Egypt does not exist as a united country and currently the situation is escalating. If the situation in Egypt develops in such a way, then the state may easily follow the path of Somalia and become an almost unmanageable. The US, Zionists, Saudi and their gulf tails together with some deeply frustrated Egyptians remain responsible for this disaster.

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Author: Mohammed Jehan Khan

A Soldier of Fortune who born without a silver spoon in his arse. Google my name to know me more.

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