Movie Review: 6,000,000 (Six Million)

“A loud mouthed loathsome Hungarian tooth puller, punter, stripper, ex-pornstar and the de facto ruler of Eratz Yisrael King Bibinidas uses the memory of the fallen 6 million at Auschwitz to carry on his ethnic cleansing Job in Palestinian”

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Movie Review: Shekelrek

A laughing stock who calls himself a prime minister meets a marvelous fairy-tale. And his quest for 3.2 billion dollars continues 
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Cartoon of the DAY: Tel Avivford Islamophobic dictionaries from Israel

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White Privilege that nurtures Israeli apartheid. 

White privilege is when 136 (70.5%) of the 193 member states of the United Nations and two non-member states have recognised the State of Palestine, but US and it’s Euro-Australian cronies (in other words White countries) do not so as a result Palestine has not been given a statehood. Which basically means that we are not all EQUAL and the 30% of the white minority views the rest 70% majority’s demands, requests and urges as something that should be ignored or something inferior. 

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Muslim world 2016

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Prove them they’re flawed men……

The only way to fight racism is to make racists understand, that they are not superior. 
There is no easy way to do this. Its painful for all parties, those administering the Truth and those receiving it. Yet by brutally showing people the horrific side of their own culture and history – one they have never been taught about, one the elites have whitewashed, in order to create a sense of superiority, they finally see what we see – something flawed, ugly. Something they thought only we were capable of being.  
And though this shock, they have a chance to break free from the lies they were told when growing up, and finally see themselves as all of us really are – flawed men, who are told to hate or kill each other for the benefit of those who want to control us.

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Worshiping their own parasites


The contemporary Arab world is devoid of educated, intelligent people. Arab masses are science phobic, mostly illiterate, racist, tribal and clan based and lack empathy and love towards their fellow human being. Those occupying the helms of power are mostly the former traditional loyalists tribal agents of the European colonial era uplifted to kingship and absolute authoritarianism to protect the vested foreign interests in the new age of the 21sy century politics.

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